A little about me:   

I’m the wife of a farmer and a stay at home mom of 7 kiddos. I live in the country outside of a small town in Iowa. I am originally from a suburb of Detroit so life in the country was a HUGE change for me. Although, I’ve grown to love it out here & think its the best place to raise a family.

It’s so peaceful out here…until my boys start their engines. :) they love to ride the motorbikes, four wheelers, rangers & gators. I love that we have the space for them to get out there and be boys.  Sometimes I do wish we lived a little closer to Target or TjMaxx, but I’ve learned to embrace the 45 minute drive there and back. I usually treat myself to a Starbucks on the way home and enjoy the open fields.

I have all sorts of hobbies: Organizing, crafting, decorating, scrap booking, entertaining, exercising & staying in shape, just to name a few.

Most importantly I love to raise my kids and being their mom.   I love taking them to soccer, swimming, or whatever they have going on & supporting them. Of course I’m their number one fan. I may have embarrassed them a time or two by cheering too loudly.

My husband is a farmer.  No live stock yet…( we all want a barn so badly). He is a crop farmer. CORN! Not sweet corn that you eat off the cob but feed corn. It’s the kind they use to make ethanol. He owns his own business with his brother, and my sister in law & I do the book keeping.

Best for last: 

I’m a sinner saved by His Grace.  So thankful for God sending His only son to die for me. John 3:16